We Chose Not to Podcast this...

Author: Mike Sonnevedlt

I debated whether to broach this topic with you. After a long talk, Massey and I decided that it was in our best interest to not do a podcast on this subject. We felt, “What does this win us? What does this get the listener? Is this a positive topic to cover, or are we just giving doom-and-gloom?”

After talking it through again (20 minutes before the podcast was about to start...) we decided that perhaps we would be careful on how we broached the topic on the podcast. In that episode, we ended up talking about everything else. If you're interested, it's the “Past Two Years....What Have We Learned?”

The original subject matter revolved around the vaccine and some pretty disturbing variables with the side effects. We here at Self-Evident are not interested in fear-porn. We don't like the idea of doom-and-gloom, and do our best to stay away from unsubstantiated claims. Are we perfect? Obviously not, but we do our best to let things play out a little bit before reporting on them, in order to ensure that we're giving you accurate information.

I, with concern and hesitancy, decided to write a blog article about some news reports coming out. I will place links at the bottom, and you can do your own research on the accuracy of these news reports. Personally, I believe they are fairly accurate and well-written. You're more than welcome to find credible and accurate sources that might disagree. But some issues seem to be cropping up lately that have driven me to ask questions, and I finally realized: if I have concerns that are continuing to confirm my opposition to receiving mRNA technology, then I would be remiss to not give you the same information that is driving my own decisions. Ultimately, these decisions are up to you, and must be thoroughly prayed about, researched and carefully made. Never make a decision upon force, coercion or fear. That is a recipe for absolute disaster, and I do believe that many people are suffering or will suffer due to making a decision based in fear or coercion.

The Past Haunts Us

Back when the vaccines had become a topic for extreme debate, especially regarding mandates and wide government propaganda on the necessity of them, I said something that I would continue to repeat: In a couple years, we are going to see a massive increase in deaths and side effects.

Many would have painted me (and probably still do) as a conspiracy theorist and one of those “anti-vaxxers.” My difficulty at the beginning of this whole ordeal was that there are no long-term studies on mRNA messenger Covid “vaccines.” 

At the beginning, there were no tests on pregnant women or children, and the studies themselves had issues rise up with testing and trial standards. In 2007, HHS released a report on FDA oversight. They found the FDA had only inspected 1% of clinical trial sites. In 2020? Their vaccine and biologics branch conducted only 50 inspections.

As reported by the British Medical Journal, one whistle-blower in 2021 notified the FDA to warn about unsound practices that their company, Ventavia, was committing during the Pfizer vaccine trials. That afternoon, she was fired.

She wrote an email on September 25th, notifying the FDA of a trial in which over 1,000 people were enrolled at three sites. The full trial (registered under NCT04368728) enrolled around 44,000 people at 153 sites. She listed many concerns, including:

  • People not being monitored after injection by staff
  • Lack of timely follow-up on adverse reactions
  • Protocol deviations not being reported
  • Vaccines not being stored at proper temperatures
  • Targeting of Ventavia staff for reporting these problems

She received an email from the FDA thanking her for her notice, yet there is no recorded follow-up of her complaints. During the reporting of inspections, 9 sites of the 153 were inspected, and none of them were Ventavia sites. Other works have corroborated the whistle-blower's complaints.

The problems weren't limited to the trials. The vaccines were given an Emergency Use Authorization status, which meant they were allowed to be distributed to the public while trials were ongoing, and therefore were not considered fully approved. Along with this, the pharma companies have been deemed not liable for adverse effects due to the vaccines, despite the mandates that companies passed, and certain sectors of the government passed as well.

You were told you had to receive an experimental technology, with a threat of loss of lively-hood and/or liberties, and if an adverse reaction happened, there was no recourse. On top of that, the experimental technology was still in trial use when mandates began to get pushed. The government was champing at the bit to pass government mandates, and did as soon as there was a full FDA approval. But of course, no conflict of interest. Right?

You were saturated with propaganda telling you it was safe, effective and reliable. You were brow-beaten with the idea that not receiving it was putting others at risk. You were threatened with loss of jobs, loss of friends and family, and loss of connection. The unvaccinated were castigated and labeled as social pariahs. You couldn't see loved ones in the hospital. In fact, you were rejected care due to your vaccination status.

The whole world seemed to see what the unvaccinated couldn't.

But time can only pass so long before truth starts to seep out.

Heart Problems Were Only the Beginning

During the height of vaccine craziness, we began to see heart issues cropping up with healthy young adults—especially men. Europe saw soccer players dropping time and time again from heart conditions and issues, and cases of myocarditis was becoming more pronounced.

A German newspaper, Berliner Zeitung, published a report questioning the issue, asking why an “unusually large number of pro and amateur soccer players have collapsed recently,” and used the headline, “Puzzling heart diseases in football.” Puzzling. But no mention of any link to a certain mass requirement.

One announcer in Europe had his mic cut when he dared to ask the question out loud regarding whether the heart issues had anything to do with the vaccine.

And as of the writing of this article, it has just been published that the CDC's vaccine surveillance system suggests that vaccine linked cases of myocarditis have risen. The numbers show that within a week of getting the two-dose Pfizer vaccine, the rate for 12-15 year old boys who suffered a myocarditis episode is 1 in 6,600, and for the 16-17 year old male age range is 1 in 7,262.

In 2021, Dr. Tracy Hoeg, who is with the Florida Department of Health, released similar numbers. Her study showed 1 in 10,600 for 16-17 year old males, and 1 in 6,200 in 12-15 year old males.

As for an overall control group, the incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis ranges from 1 to 10 in 100,000 people a year.

Despite numbers such as these, the CDC has continued to promote and encourage boosters for those 12 and up, and have argued that the boosters are formulated to protect better against Covid-19 variants.

The issue of heart problems is one of science. Myocarditis and pericarditis are both inflammatory diseases of the heart. These can occur after infections or immune disease. While the cause is vague, it is thought that myocarditis could be caused by the body's response to the spike protein being used in the vaccination. The spike protein itself causes an immunological response by the body, which can cause inflammation in the heart.

These spike proteins, which most of us had no clue about, (or still have no clue about) have made quite a name for themselves in the past few years.

MRNA vaccines work like this. The technology takes the mRNA and uses it to instruct cells to create spike proteins that mimic the spike protein of the Covid virus. The body replicates the spike protein, and then the white blood cells train to defeat the spike protein. It's similar to how a regular vaccine works: you take the illness, limp it, inject it, and let the body figure out a fool-proof way to defeat the lamed virus. 

With the mRNA technology, you are not introducing a virus into the body, but a written program to instruct the body's own immune cells to create the spike protein for training. We're told that the mRNA technology decays and disintegrates, and that the body only produces the spike proteins in a localized area for training. This is up for debate, but outside the scope of this piece.

People are growing concerned however. They're wondering if there may come an issue from inserting RNA (a biological coding that is used to replicate DNA) into the body without an assurance of how it might interact with the body over the long-term. And frankly, I don't blame them. But my concern is bigger than the effect that mRNA has on our body. My biggest concern is making the body a spike protein factory.


Spike proteins are toxic to the body. The spike protein in Covid is considered a potential inflammagen, and evidence is mounting that the spike protein could be causing blood hypercoagulation. In other words: blood clots. Studies even showed that when the spike protein was added to healthy samples, it resulted in structural changes of fibrin. Fibrin is the big player in blood clotting. It is a protein that is found in blood plasma that collects into threads as a sticky web to start catching platelets, creating a cover over the area that is bleeding. 

It appears as though the spike protein is exacerbating clotting issues, and creating a ruckus in the body. The study used (sources below) pointed to Covid as the cause, though this raises one of my questions: if we're training the body to produce spike proteins with a vaccine and now regular boosters, are we not exacerbating the process of hypercoagulation that Covid started?

And I'm not just asking questions. Recently, the Epoch Times reported of large, rubbery and “fibrous” clots in corpses being embalmed. Embalmers have been pointing to the uptick of the strange, massive clots showing up in bodies at an alarming rate. Before 2020-2021, some embalmers estimated they ran across clots 5 to 10 percent of the time. That same embalmer now estimates he is seeing 50 to 70 percent of the bodies they receive having clots.

For a nation that has a 68% vaccination rate of at least 1 vaccine, that percentage seems eerily correlated. I am not claiming that all of these clots are solely the result of the vaccine. However, Covid obviously changed something in humanity over the past few years.

What does give me pause about the odd “clots” is the fact that they seemed to have shown up mostly after the mass vaccination programs began. Epoch gave a run down from a licensed funeral director in Alabama by the name of Richard Herschman, who noted when the clots began to show up. 

In 2018, he embalmed 410 bodies. In 2019, he embalmed 439. In 2020, the number was up to 572. In 2021, he embalmed 632. What is interesting is that he notes in Q4, November's body count included 9 out of the 19 being clotted, and 19 out of the 40 being clotted in December.

By 2022, he was keeping close track. As per The Epoch Times:

2022 total bodies so far: 364

  • 1st Quarter 146 (38 not clotted, 67 heavy clots, 20 confirmed vaccinated)
  • 2nd Quarter 90 (11 not clotted, 38 heavy clots, 21 confirmed vaccinated)
  • 3rd Quarter 128 (19 not clotted, 51 heavy clots, 15 confirmed vaccinated) 

Another licensed funeral director from Missouri, Anna Foster, states, “I know before the vaccination, my embalming cases did not have the amount of clotting I see now, and very rarely would you find many with fibrin attached; now, it is at least ten times the amount, if not more.”

Embalmers have claimed that blood often no longer simply flows down the table drain, but is congealing and becoming more jelly-like in cases, to the point where they have to aid the blood down the drain in order to clean the table. This would be completely consistent with the research discussed earlier in which spike proteins are linked to hypercoagulation, and building these large, stringy like clots, which seem to have the consistency of pure fibrin.

But They're Taking Care of it, Right?

Drug regulators are now refusing to provide key analyses of a Vaccine safety database. The FDA was asked by the Epoch Times for any and all analyses concerning the Covid vaccines. The analyses use a method that compares adverse events recorded after a Covid vaccine with those from a non-Covid vaccine. 

The FDA even wrote their procedures to do the comparisons “at least biweekly”, in order to note when Covid vaccine adverse events were greater than expected. However, the FDA told the Epoch Times...in a nutshell: to take a hike. They claimed an exemption to the Freedom of Information Act which lets them hold onto some inter- and intra-agency communications. They also pointed to the Code of Federal Regulations, which states, “all communications within the Executive Branch of the Federal government which are in written form or which are subsequently reduced to writing may be withheld from public disclosure except that factual information which is reasonably segregable in accordance with the rule established in § 20.22 is available for public disclosure.”

The CDC itself has been wrapped up in the controversy, refusing to provide results for their own analyses, and at one point providing information considered false when answering questions. At one point, the agency claimed that data mining was “outside of the agency's purview,” and then said they did perform them starting in February 2021.

Later on, the CDC finally acknowledged that wasn't true, instead stating they did not begin performing the procedure until March 2022.

And just in case you forgot, the FDA claimed it would take 55 to 75 years to release the Covid-19 vaccine review documents that they hold. They said they could only release 500 pages each month. A judge in Texas determined the number should be 55,000 a month.

What Now?

I don't discuss any of this to scare you or to give you doom-and-gloom. I haven't even discussed the studies and research that are finding metal and moving organisms in both the blood of the vaccinated and vaccine vials themselves. At this point, I feel as though I'm beating a dead horse. Perhaps I'll cover that stuff in another article, but for now, the question becomes: what are you supposed to do?

If you've been vaccinated, I assure you that the Lord can overcome it. His strength, might and power is more than you could ever imagine, and if you are a child of God, you do not lose your salvation because you got a vaccine. There is no guarantee that this will happen to you, and I do not write any of this in order to scare you. If it spurs you to keep close watch over your body and health, then I must say I'm fine with that outcome. But I do not intend to instill fear in you.

If you're not vaccinated, I list all of these issues to show you that conviction is so important in today's day and age. You will be pressured and coerced into following the narrative that the governments and establishment are pushing forth. The truth is in their fruit. If the efficacy, safety and reliability of the vaccine was so great, they would be shouting it from the rooftops with study after study after study. Instead, we find they've been hiding, redacting and covering up.

We wanted some sanity to the whole process. We wanted them to come out and say, “Look, this is experimental and brand-new technology. Do what is right for you, but we believe this technology could help. We will continue to keep you updated as we give you more information in real-time.”

This would have given the whole situation credibility. Instead, any who were hesitant became evil anti-vaxxers who are killing people. You were shamed into getting it, and if you didn't, your job was threatened. We never heard an acknowledgment that the technology is experimental, and unfortunately, it'll never be revisited.

You have every right to research, test, and be skeptical of what you're being told. Be skeptical of what I'm telling you, and find out for yourself. But, with the mounting evidence, my own personal decision is such: I do not trust the pharma companies, Anthony Fauci, the NIH, the WHO, or the Biden administration. I don't trust a technology that uses genetic coding and instructs my body to begin producing a toxin. I don't trust the presence of spike proteins in my body in an unregulated way, and I certainly don't trust approval of boosters that continue the same process month after month. I don't trust the panic of a pandemic that saw a sub-two-percent death rate, and I don't trust the “experts” who censor, ignore, oppress and crush anybody who raises alternative thought.


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