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America's Great Awakening: Yesterday and Today

Author: Andrew Alleman
What was the Great Awakening and how does it relate to today? The Great Awakening was a series of events taking place almost three hundred years ago in which revival broke out all over North America. These revivals served as providential, Spirit-led drivers that activated God’s purpose in Christians as America’s founders. More so, they ignited and advanced the biblical-social foundations that birthed the American Revolution and our nation. The love of Christ brought forward this light and revelation, acting as a catalyst for the free-flow of information and opinion across all denominations. This was a critical time in the 18th century not only in the beginnings of American history but also in world history as a whole. Key participants of the First Great Awakening in the 18th… read more

Heal Our Land

Author: Gracie Wood
O LORD, heal our land Let mercy flow from Your outstretched hand Let peace descend at Your command We wait for the glory of the Son of Man We shall seek Your face That Your presence may be found in this place We shall not harden our hearts when we hear Your voice But at the Father’s correction we shall rejoice What is our people, O LORD, our King that You would find pleasure in our offering We do not have anything worthy to bring But Your delight is in Truth in the inward being Your Spirit is reaching out To release Your people from every doubt To give victory over every lie You remove the scales from our eyes LORD, we say, “come” The Spirit and the Bride say, “come” Let the one who hears say, “come” And to the… read more

Liberty And Consent

Author: Paul Garner
Can we talk about consent for a few minutes? A few years ago during the trial of Henry Weinstein the #MeToo move grew up as more women came forward claiming that they too were assaulted by Weinstein. Again during the hearings for confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the #MeToo movement grew in sympathy with the woman Kavanaugh was accused as assaulting back in college. It came about that these accusations were false but it inspired more women to come forward across the board. The #MeToo movement has truly brought the idea of consent to the foreground of public discourse in the recent past. Lunatic activists and opportunists aside, millions of American women have a legitimate grievance that men are not respecting their “no”. Millions of men are violating the… read more

Liberty and Media Bias

Author: Paul Garner
Americans tend to live in the moment, believing that current events are new and different than anytime before. This is a reflection of the poor education system in the US even about our own history. One example of this is the general belief that media bias is relatively new. Common beliefs are that journalism was different and better in the past. This is a myth. All human beings are biased, i.e. teachers, judges, journalists, pastors, parents, etc. Everyone is biased. Questions arise, like, “is bias bad?” The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution allows for a wide spectrum of viewpoints, from all ends of the political, social, and cultural spectrums. However, when media outlets demonstrate clear bias, it can lead to the oversimplification or misrepresentation of issues,… read more

Tribe Or Truth

Author: Paul Garner
"Be true to your school." "My country, right or wrong." "Omerta." "Code of silence." "Blue wall." These and many other expressions reveal a drive to maintain loyalty to groups even if truth is compromised, disregarded, or hidden. These also contribute to opposition between groups or tribes in an "us or them" system. The philosophical word for this is "Tribalism". It can be found in families, communities, schools, churches, political groups, states and nations. If your teenage son harms someone would you seek to hide the truth about this? Many families teach their children from early ages that if they break a neighbor's window that they should admit, apologize and seek a way to repay or restore. This is truth and integrity. What happens if the son harms someone on a more… read more
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