Is It a Crisis or Attack?

Authored By: Mike Sonneveldt

Is It a Crisis or Attack?

The “Migrant Crisis” 

We need to stop calling the crisis at the border a “migrant crisis”. 


Progressives understand the power of language. They use it like a battering arm against unsuspecting conservatives. They did this with the term for people who cross the border illegally. What once was “criminal alien” became “illegal immigrant”, which morphed into “undocumented migrant”. They even attempted “asylum seekers”. 


At some point, conservatives need to step up to the plate and quit apologizing for how they feel and what they believe. The truth is the term should be “invasion of criminals.” It stands as nothing less. 

This moment moves beyond policy, politics, and candidates. This comes as a crossroads in the life of our nation. 


It’s not racist. It’s political theory. 

Those who claim that the statement above reeks of racism and xenophobia are truly disingenuous. The founder of our organization is 1st gen American. His parents migrated here from Mexico. We wholeheartedly support immigration into America and love people across the world. However, the continued march of millions of people across our border proves a strong point: these people and their handlers do not love this nation. They have no interest in the betterment of America. 


Look no further than the actions of Mexico’s president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Recently, he threatened the US if they did not agree to what he wanted. He recently demanded that criminal aliens who cross America’s border should be given work visas, billions of dollars should go to Latin America, and sanctions on both Venezuela and Cuba should be lifted.  


If the US does not give in to his blackmail demands, he threatens to open up the floodgates (as though his little dip of slowing down the waves mattered in the least).  


His demands are nakedly global and a true insult to America.  


For some reason, Obrador believes in exporting masses of his citizens into another country. Strangely, he supports opening up the economic floodgates into oppressive regimes. As long as he has been in office, he has put together a history of backing the waves of criminals into the US. 


It does not take a rocket scientist to see what is going on. 



A large number of the criminals who cross the border find jobs that pay cash. Many of them then do the familial thing and send portions of their money back home to their relatives and extended family. They build up a pocket of wealth and try to anchor themselves to this nation with kids. I’ve watched with my own eyes as criminals sock up wealth to build houses and lives back in their home country. It only took a journey across the border in the dead of night to become wealthy back home. 


More importantly, the influx of these criminals provides a generational redirection of the politics, beliefs, and structure of this nation. If they keep dumping across our borders by the tens of millions, what do you think the foreign policy towards Latin America will look like in 20 years? 


Obrador plays a long game. Much like China. 



We’re losing the truth 

Unfortunately, our shortsightedness and progressive ambitions for globalism continue to eat the nation from the inside out. The vast majority of these people have no understanding of our founding fathers, the Revolutionary War, the Constitution, or the Declaration of Independence. They have not grown up on the bedrock philosophies of individual sovereignty, limited government, liberty, or God-given rights. The few who have and appreciate these things are NOT the majority, nor will they be influential in the next couple of decades. A large portion of these people are men of fighting age, with brash and antagonistic views toward our nation. It is an economic pilfering. It is a rampage. Look no further than Venezuelan tiktoker’s boast about how to steal houses and turn them into a business. 


Sadly, our generations of kids were starved of the traditions, culture, and mores of our nation. They sat through years of history classes which spouted derogatory drivel about our founders, white people, and America as a nation. Match them up with the criminals coming across the border and you lose a nation’s identity and heart. 


At this point, the border has become a warzone. New York Mayor Eric Adams recently wanted to take a trip to the border, but the State Department flagged the border for “safety concerns.” The Biden administration actively attempts to stop Texas from protecting its border while the courts argue about whose role it is to pass judgment on whether Texas can legally protect itself. 


Sometimes you need to step back to understand what is going on. Look at the amount of money being funneled into wars in Ukraine, Israel, and soon-to-be Taiwan. Remember the amount of pork in the recent spending bill. Never forget that no energy is spent on border protection and that the Biden administration seems to do everything in its power to keep the flood coming. 


Why are they doing this? 

The easiest answer is often the correct conclusion. The easiest answer is that it is intentional. Unfortunately, it bears a lot of upsides for those in high positions in government. Go back to 2020 when the Trump administration attempted to include a citizenship question on the census. Arguments wildly flew claiming racism, bias, and fear of deportation. Today, we look at the reality of how the massive influx will forever change the representation in the House by adding seats and districts, along with modifying the Electoral College. More people, more political power. 


The best part? The political loyalty of the criminals crossing the border swings to the left. After all, if you were provided with plane tickets, phones, money in your pocket, free housing, food, and quiet promises of a new life...wouldn’t you support that party? 


Obrador merely presents the other side of the same coin. He sits and berates the US for not giving enough (like the true good socialist that he is) all the while allowing his citizens to flee his nation. 


Now, the US has been horrible to nations in South America, so I do not necessarily blame them for not liking us. But our lack of coherent response or standing up for ourselves is NOT because we just can’t get our act together. It’s because of the self-loathing of the typical American elite. 


What do we do? 

What do we do about it all? The truth is: that you can only do so much. However, massive political shifts tend to be led by very few. Some believed that Jim Crow laws and segregation would never end. Others never thought Roe v Wade would be overturned. 


Thankfully, our system works in cycles. They may be massive cycles, but the pendulum will swing. The progressives work furiously to outrun the cycle. They hope they can make enough drastic changes before the cycle swings so that they will still be ahead at the end of the day. 


The conservative response should stand on conviction and the bulwark of truth. This moment is precisely when conservative beliefs should stand in confidence and power. Why? Because the tide is turning. TikTok suddenly seems to be growing with people looking to get clicks by bashing Biden. The “in” thing is quickly turning into conservative talking points. The time is ripening in which a powerful conservative movement could unravel decades of progressive wins. 


After all, the conservative movement has HAD IT with squishy Republicans giving the democrats everything they want while sheepishly throwing their hand to their forehead and whispering, “No, please don’t. Don’t do that,” as they give in every single time. 


Staunch, vocal conservatives seem to be making more waves while challenging the establishment leadership. A new ethic of “if you won’t treat it right, we’ll just burn it down” seems to be making the rounds. That itself carries the spark of revolution within it. 


People must come to the end of their comfort and patience to truly stand up against the crushing power of crawling tyranny. That time is fast approaching, and the progressives with global aims know this. They know they are running out of real estate and need to seal the deal before everything turns. 


Our founders were men who pushed to change a system that oppressed them and forced quiet submission upon them. They remained loud, vocal, and driven to stand against the slow movement toward complete subjection. 


Our forefathers should do more than just inform us. They should inspire us. 

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