Can You LOVE?

Author: Mike Sonnevedlt
Perhaps one of the most difficult things for the Christian to do is to love, and to have mercy. While I think being righteous is extremely important in our lives, and deserves its own discussion, I wanted to examine the topic that seems to be on everyone's lips these days. Christians are told that they aren't loving enough, that they're close-minded and that they don't follow Christ's teaching in accepting all people. Many times, one group or segment of Christians are told this by another group. The word love is thrown around in so many different contexts, that it gets confusing as to what it should mean to a Jesus following person, and what it means to the rest of the world. When we generalize the word, we tend to think of acceptance, kindness, caring, support and loyalty. These… read more

Liberty and Our Property

Author: Paul Garner
LIBERTY AND OUR PROPERTY By Paul Garner, author “Yearning to Breathe Free: Questing for Liberty in a World of Authoritarians”. Without the ownership of private property there can be no freedom. Our bodies, labor, earnings, and our property are private. Everyone has property. Bodies, labor, earnings and property. The only question is whether we have sovereignty over that property. Without the ownership of private property, there can be no liberty. John Locke, the greatest influence on the founders of America, wrote “Every Man has a Property in his own Person. This no Body has any Right to but himself. The Labour of his Body, and the Work of his Hands, we may say, are properly his.” He continues: “The great and chief end therefore, of Men’s uniting into… read more

Christianity Has Done Nothing Good... or Has It?

Author: Andrew Alleman
The Victory of Faith: How the Spirit of God Built Civilization and Transformed Your World “Give thanks to the LORD, call upon His name; make known His deeds among the nations…” -Psalm 105:1-2 “I remember the days of old; I meditate on all Your works; I consider the work of Your hands.” -Psalm 143:5 “History is the True Demonstration of Religion” -John Dalberg-Acton, Catholic Historian, (1834-1902) By: Andrew Alleman Its influence is all around us. Human dignity and compassion. Modern science and technology. Origins of human rights and religious freedom. Professional healthcare in every city. Abundant prosperity combined with voluntary charity. A world with nations in which the Spirit of goodness and compassion presides over the… read more

Is Scripture Necessary???

Author: Mike Sonneveldt
The Power of Scripture I've been witnessing a new movement cropping up in the more charismatic areas of the church that I can't help but pause and wonder about. I don't appreciate the church pointing the finger at others in the church, so I'll attempt to avoid doing it. Instead, I want to give a bit of a warning to those of you who are hearing these voices, and to ask you to discern whether it's a pathway that you feel you really should work down. I'm sure the movement is much older than I give it credit for, but I've noticed in the past couple years a new resurgence built of off the charismatic, Holy Spirit experience tangent of the faith. This idea impresses the importance of the rhema word, or active, new, living word of God. The rhema is the voice of the Holy Spirit, who… read more

Live the Kaizen Life

Author: Mike Sonnevedlt
Ever find yourself falling down a rabbit hole online? Is the sky blue? Of course. We all have. Our first reaction might be to believe that falling down a rabbit hole means coming across crazy conspiracy theories, like Elvis shot JFK or alien lizard people wrote Shakespeare. Thankfully, I will not be reporting to you about Hitler still being alive in Argentina or bases on the dark side of the moon. My rabbit hole goes deep into the labyrinth of helpful tips, tricks and outlooks on life. While doing research for a book I'm putting together, I rediscovered an idea that I thought was extremely helpful when working towards self-improvement (or personal development if you don't want to sound like a Tony Robbins infomercial). But my research naturally began to modify the… read more
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