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The Harbinger of Harris

Author: Mike Sonnevedlt
More than likely you've now heard the clip of Sam Harris, from his interview on the Triggernometry Podcast. I will include the full link below. Many people have commentated on it, but I wanted to digest the entire thing before spouting off about what Sam Harris said. I think some people missed exactly what he was saying, and while I still vehemently disagree with him, I believe some cleaning up is in order. To keep your reading to a minimum, I will provide quotes and do my absolute best to use them in context. I will provide my text of the relevant interview section at the bottom of this blog post, and I will include the full Youtube interview. The relevant clip begins at around 35:30 in the full interview. Please note: my quotes are cleaned up for clarity, understanding and… read more

The Art of the Show Trial

Author: Mike Sonnevedlt
The Age of The Show-trial “But one stream has never dried up in the USSR, and still flows. A stream of criminals untouched by the “beneficent wave summoned to life...” etc. A stream which flowed uninterruptedly through all those decades—whether “Leninist norms were infringed” or strictly observed—and flowed in Khrushchev's day more furiously than ever. I mean the believers. Those who resisted the new wave of cruel persecution, the wholesale closing of churches. Monks who were slung out of their monasteries. Stubborn sectarians, especially those who refused to perform military service: there's nothing we can do about it, we're really very sorry, but you're directly aiding imperialism; we let you off lightly nowadays—it's five years first time around. These are in no… read more

No One Should Trust the FBI

Author: Paul Garner
FBI agents are supposed to protect Americans from threats from criminals, terrorists, and foreign agents’ intent on harm. They are also supposed to preserve and protect the civil rights and civil liberties enshrined in the Constitution. They take an oath to these ends. However, the reality of their behavior reflects a persistent violation and betrayal of that oath. They have overstepped their authority. They have violently deprived Americans of their civil and Constitutional rights. They have avoided investigating and charging corrupt politicians and criminals to gain favor with them. They have incompetently avoided investigating and preventing criminal activity, like rape and school shootings. They have operated as henchmen for Presidents and made Presidents and Congressmen into their… read more

A Minute's Time

Author: Mike Sonneveldt
I don't get to read enough in my life. Most of my time is spent in the educational realm, and this usually means I'm reading a lot of various informational pieces/books, or I'm doing research in order to build a case for a Podcast or presentation. Needless to say, when I sit down to read for “enjoyment”, I'd rather take in a book of fiction or at the very least historical fiction. However, when I do end up finally purchasing a book, I so often decide on something in the sphere of history or science. But the one that I find myself always on the look-out for is more akin to self-improvement. I love pouring over studies, theories, anecdotes and suggestions on improving everything from habits to deeply embedded character traits. Buying books like this as opposed to pleasure reading may … read more

Family is More Important than You Think

Author: Mike Sonneveldt
I had a couple different topics to write about popping around my head. The theological ones, political ones, and even the fitness ones. For a moment, I almost embarked into the theological, considering a debate which seems to be kicking up on the graffiti-wall of Facebook. But I chose a different path. A lighter way and one that transcends the debates and winds of doctrine. The joy of what God has given us continues to be a favorite topic of mine. If you follow this blog at all, you'll probably remember my writings on the many tiny little blessings we get to experience each day. Not every moment is horrible. And if we are absolutely miserable, sad, and devastated 24/7, 365...then it's a heart issue that sorely needs to be checked and fixed. The joy in particular that I'm… read more
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